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Past Due: What To Do If You Missed The RxDC Deadline?

We have received questions from groups about what to do if they did not complete the RxDC online form by the due date of April 12. If a group missed the deadline, they should report the information directly to CMS in HIOS (or have another reporting entity report it for them).

Plan Designation Indemnification Is Now A Fillable Form

We’re excited to share the availability of a fillable Plan Designation Indemnification form. This has been a request from brokers and self-insured groups that use the form, and we look forward to this new form saving time for everyone.

Working To Deliver A Real Time Enrollment Experience

Enhancements are coming soon to our online “Enroll & Update” tool that will allow us to process many of your transactions in real time. You’ll begin seeing these changes within the next month.

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