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A New Way For Self-Funded Groups To Save

May 17, 2024

Self-funded commercial group members now have access to GoodRx® prescription pricing. GoodRx provides automatic savings on many generic prescription drugs when available. Our Price Assure flyer has additional information. Please contact your account representative...

June Is Employee Wellness Month

May 17, 2024

Most adults spend more time at work than anywhere else. And work has a significant impact on all aspects of our wellbeing. According to Gallup, people who are thriving in all aspects of wellbeing are healthier and more engaged at work. Yet 6 in 10 adults in the US...

Past Due: What To Do If You Missed The RxDC Deadline?

May 17, 2024

We have received questions from groups about what to do if they did not complete the RxDC online form by the due date of April 12. If a group missed the deadline, they should report the information directly to CMS in HIOS (or have another reporting entity report it...


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