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Call Out COVID-19 Vaccine Fraud With NYS Hotline

February 26, 2021

New York State has established a hotline that anyone can call to report suspected COVID-19 vaccine-related fraud or scams. Remember, it’s a red flag if anyone is promising individuals the vaccine in exchange for payment. To make a report, please direct individuals to...

March Is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

February 26, 2021

Did you know one in 20 people develops colon cancer in their lifetime? The good news is Colon Cancer can often be prevented through regular screenings and screening is recommended for adults ages 50-75. Learn more by downloading and sharing this poster. Poster -...

Small Group Dental Changes To Minimum Enrollment Requirements For Orthodontic Coverage

February 26, 2021

Any New Dental groups looking to obtain dental coverage that includes Class IV Ortho coverage will only be required to have 5 enrolled as opposed to the 10 previously required. Additionally, any Existing Dental groups that are looking to align their Medical and Dental...