Understanding High Deductible Health Plans

What is consumer driven health care?

It’s an approach to health care that puts you and your employees in charge. By pairing comprehensive, low-premium plans with tax-advantaged funding accounts, consumer driven health plans offer your business several benefits:

How does it work?

Health plan coverage
Preventive services are covered in full, while other services require employees to pay a deductible and coinsurance.

Employee responsibility Employees are responsible for paying a deductible up to a certain amount, as well as a percentage of cost, called coinsurance – but are protected by an out-of-pocket maximum.

Funding account The employee funding account, which may be funded by the employee (with tax-free dollars), employer, or both, helps reduce out-of-pocket expenses for the employee.

Greater control Employees have more control over how their account dollars are spent – with a wide range of qualified medical expenses.

Key Components

With a HDHP, preventive services are covered in full. For other services, you pay a deductible up to a certain amount, depending on the plan chosen by your employer. After you reach the deductible, you pay a percentage of cost but are protected by an out-of-pocket maximum.

All of our high deductible health plan options offer:

  • Preventive services that are covered in full
  • Access to more doctors, specialists and hospitals
  • Ability to pay your out-of-pocket expenses any way you choose – ask your employer about your funding optionsOpen a PDF
  • Exclusive discounts on health and wellness programs with Perks4U

Health Savings Account (HSA)

A tax-free, employee owned account that combines with a high deductible health plan to help employees save on qualified medical expenses. Learn more: How to Use Your HSA with a High Deductible Health PlanOpen a PDF

Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)

A tax-free medical reimbursement plan funded by the employer, qualified medical expenses by the end of each year.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

A tax-free spending account used for qualified medical expenses, which must be used.

Communication is the key to engaging employees in consumer driven health plans. You can direct your employees to https://member.univerahealthcare.com/resources/high-deductible-health-plan

Plan Options

More plan for less – take a look at our plan options

You can choose from a variety of products that offer:

  • Great coverage with no referrals
  • Incentives for employees to live healthier
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Our new auto enroll HSA option

ActiveUnivera® - a comprehensive health plan featuring ActiveRewards - a wellness incentive program that pays employees to live healthier - up to $1,000 cash back per family*. Learn more about ActiveUnivera.

valUcare™- With valUcare, you can give your employees an affordable health insurance option that provides them with great coverage. Learn more about valUcare.

Qualified HDHPs now have an auto enroll HSA - making using these plans even easier. We automatically enroll all participants into a Health Savings Account (HSA) – at no additional cost. So your employees can enjoy all the bene?ts of this tax-free account, without the usual hassles of setting one up.

Ask about our new Auto Enroll HSA Plan

This new plan option makes it easy to enroll your members in a high deductible health plan and health savings account. Your employees will enjoy the benefits of the tax-free savings account without the hassle of setting up the account.

Employee Communications Plan

Communication is the key to engaging employees in consumer driven health plans. Here you will find communication tools to help members:

  • Understand how a consumer driven health plan works
  • Enroll in a consumer driven health plan
  • Use their funding account
  • Live healthier and save money

Downloadable Tools:

Tools for Employers
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HSA BankOpen a PDF