Component Title: GLO-EMP-BRK-Wellness Video Library hub

Wellness Video Library

Give your employees access to a curated library of on-demand video content to help improve their physical health, combat stress, and make healthy choices. 

Wellness Video Library

Component Title: GLO-EMP-BRK-Population Health Management

Population Health Management

Improve outcomes for a healthy team and a healthy business using our Population Health Management system of programs, reminders, and education.

Population Health Management

Component Title: UNI-EMP-BRK-Tools for Members

Tools for Members

Help your employees live healthier lives with access to tools including the Wellframe® app for health management and Welvie® for surgery decision support. 

Wellframe App Welvie

Component Title: GLO-EMP-BRK-Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy Management

Help your employees save money on prescriptions and access guidance with an FLRx Pharmacy Service Consultant. The group must have pharmacy benefits within the plan to qualify for this program.

Component Title: UNI-EMP-BRK-Wellness Products

Wellness Products

In addition to a wide variety of reward and incentive programs, your employees can enjoy discounts on health and wellness products and services with Perks 4 U®.

Rewards & Incentives Perks 4 U

Component Title: GLO-EMP-BRK-Telemedicine Services

Telemedicine Services

Through our partnership with MDLIVE®, your employees have a faster way to access healthcare for non-emergency medical and behavioral health conditions. Employees can connect with board-certified providers from the comfort of their own home or office, or while on the go. 

Telemedicine Resources

Component Title: UNI-EMP-BRK-Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

Investing in your employees’ health is easier than ever. With workplace wellness consultation services that focus on education, you can keep both your employees and business in motion. 


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