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June Is Men’s Health Month

Men's health is a critical issue. Unfortunately, many men tend to neglect their health until they experience a severe illness or injury. This leads to a higher risk of chronic diseases, disability, and premature death. Additionally, men also tend to engage in riskier behavior, have riskier jobs, and have fewer social connections. Consequently, men die, on average, six years younger than women.

For Black men, the difference is even greater – they die, on average, seven years younger than white men and eight years younger than Black women. Black men have an even higher prevalence of chronic conditions and worse outcomes across the lifespan, regardless of education or income. This disparity is attributed to a variety of factors, including pervasive racism, distrust in the medical system, socioeconomic status, and neighborhood and environmental factors.

Gay, bisexual and transgender men have their own unique medical concerns that are often left undiagnosed due to homophobia, discrimination, and lack of access to appropriate care from providers. This leads to distrust of the medical system. It is important for gay, bisexual, and transgender men to find a primary care provider that is both affirming and has the knowledge and skills to provide them with the care they need and deserve.

For all men, it is important to find a primary care provider they are comfortable with and who can provide compassionate and appropriate care, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, size, or any other characteristic. Regular preventive medical care, including annual check-ups, screenings and immunizations, can help identify and prevent potential health problems before they become more severe.

Check out our Men's Health Toolkit (ZIP) and share these tips and tools with your employees.

Men's Health Toolkit (ZIP)


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