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2024 Small Group Package Update

The following Univera Access package will no longer be offered directly through Univera Healthcare or on the New York State of Health (SHOP) Marketplace beginning January 1, 2024:

Univera On Demand will be updated for package comparisons.The package that will no longer be offered is classified as Uniform Modification by the NY State Department of Finance.

Details of a Uniform Modification include:

  • Impacted employer groups did not receive an Initial Rate Notice in June.
  • Impacted employer groups will receive an Annual Rate Notice (ARN) prior to their renewal date.
  • The ARN will include a replacement plan that most closely matches the benefits of the discontinued package.
  • Groups and members will automatically transition into the replacement package on the group’s renewal date.
  • If the group would like to elect a different package, they should work with their dedicated account manager.


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