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Vaccines Are Important For Adults, Too

Vaccinations are not just for children – adults need vaccinations, too. Immunity from some childhood vaccines can wear off over time and adults are at risk for different diseases (shingles, for example) than children. Vaccines are important during pregnancy too. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), certain vaccines are safe and recommended for pregnant people before, during, and after pregnancy to help keep them and their babies healthy. The antibodies pregnant people develop in response to these vaccines not only protect them, but also cross the placenta and help protect their babies from serious diseases early in life.

Vaccination is one of the safest and most convenient preventive measures available yet vaccination rates among US adults remains low (less than 50%). Adult vaccination rates for Blacks and Hispanics are lower than for Whites and Asians.

Vaccines that are authorized or approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) are covered in full by insurance for eligible adults, subject to your groups’ health plan benefits and exclusions. The best way for people to know what vaccines they need is to see their primary care provider.

Please share this article and our Vaccinations Toolkit (ZIP), with your members, so they're are aware of the importance of vaccinations.

Vaccinations Toolkit (ZIP)


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