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Small Group Extended Grace Period

In these uncertain times, we’re doing everything we can to fulfill our corporate mission: to provide the people in the communities we serve with access to high quality, affordable health care. One way we can help is by providing some financial relief for those small groups who may be experiencing financial hardships at this time. 

For small groups who require it,  we’re providing up to a two-month grace period for premium payments. This extended payment period is not a complete waiver of payment, but it will allow you to delay your April and May payments until June 1, 2020, without negatively impacting your account standing or credit history. 

If you believe this would be helpful to your business, we ask you to please complete a hardship verification form by following these four steps: 

  1. Go to → 
    Scroll to the "Financial Relief for Small Groups Experiencing Hardship" section. 
  2. Complete the form with the requested information. 
  3. Save the form as your company name. 
  4. Email the form to and include your company name in the subject line. This email address is maintained for special enrollment requirements. Your email will go directly to the Univera Healthcare sales administration team. 

Please return the form by April 30, 2020. 

For more information about possible impacts to your group as a result of the pandemic and current state of emergency, as well as information on additional options for health insurance, please visit You can also go to New York State of Health directly at 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss billing or alternative payment arrangements, please call 1-800-427-8490 and select option 1, or connect directly with your broker.

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