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The Importance Of Taking Medications As Directed

Did you know that not taking medications the way they were prescribed leads to 125,000 deaths in the US every year? In addition to death, not taking medications as directed costs nearly $300 billion per year in additional doctors’ visits, trips to the emergency room, and hospital admissions. Not taking medications properly leads to worse health outcomes and longer hospital stays.

The most common reasons for not taking medications as prescribed are forgetfulness, inconvenience, side effects, cost, or thinking they don’t need the medication since many conditions have “silent” symptoms, like hypertension or high cholesterol.

There are many strategies for addressing these concerns, including setting medication reminders on a phone, automatic refills, mail order, and pill boxes. If side effects are an issue, exploring other options with a medical provider or pharmacist can help. For medications that seem unnecessary, talking with a medical provider or pharmacist can help people understand why the medication is important to their health.

Please share this article and our Taking Medications As Directed Toolkit (ZIP), with your members, so they understand the importance of taking medications as directed. As always, reach out your account manager with questions.

Taking Medications As Directed Toolkit (ZIP)


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