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Together We Can Move Towards Health Equity

Health care should meet the needs of everyone – no matter who you are, where you live or who you love. This is something we are taking very seriously at Univera Healthcare.

Health equity is when everyone has the chance to be as healthy as possible. To improve health equity in the communities we serve, we need to learn about what gets in the way. Then we can help remove barriers.

The first step is better understanding the barriers that exist for our health plan members, including those in our employer group plans. Barriers to health equity could be access to care, food, transportation – or not having a provider who speaks their language.

In the coming months, we’ll begin asking members questions about language preferences, gender identity, race, food, housing, transportation challenges, and more. Members will have options for how they provide this information to us, such as through their online account, the Univera Healthcare mobile app, and more. The answers will help us work to address unmet needs.

The information we gather will stay safe and only be used to help our members; it will not be shared with the member’s employer. We’ll use this information to measure and reduce gaps in care. Answering the questions is optional, but the answers will help us offer better care and will not affect health coverage or premiums.

We do not have all the answers, but we know that by making care more personal and complete, we can help find ways to improve health in our communities.

Businesses Can Also Play a Part In Promoting Greater Health Equity
We invite you to join us in this effort. To learn more about the work Univera Healthcare is doing to remove barriers for members and for ideas on how you can help do the same for your employees and their families, download our Health Equity Resources.

Download Our Health Equity Resources


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