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2024 Individual Market Plans

If you have an employee who is not eligible for an Employer Group Plan, Medicare, or COBRA, we’re here to help connect them with NY State sponsored Safety Net coverage, Qualified Health Plans (metal level plans) and stand-alone dental plans.

If you would like to review your health care options, please contact your broker, call one of our dedicated insurance agents at 1-888-769-1557 for assistance by phone, or call 1-800-234-4781 to schedule an appointment with one of our Facilitated Enrollers, either by phone or in person in select counties.

Dates You Should Know

  • Individuals who enroll between November 1-15 will have a December 1, 2023 start date. Their coverage will NOT be auto-renewed for 2024; they can manually renew for 2024 when 2024 OEP starts on November 16.
  • Marketplace opens for new enrollment November 16.
  • Marketplace opens to existing members to make plan changes and update eligibility starting November 16.

Please reach out to your account representative with any questions or to schedule a meeting date. You can also contact Marketplace Facilitated Enroller (MFE) Supervisor Shelley Bollar, to set up a referral program as a resource for those you serve.

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