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Past Due: What To Do If You Missed The RxDC Deadline?

We have received questions from groups about what to do if they did not complete the RxDC online form by the due date of April 12.

If a group missed the deadline, they should report the information directly to CMS in HIOS (or have another reporting entity report it for them).

The information that would need to be filled out in the P2 and D1 are:

  • Any information that the insurance company is not submitting on the group’s behalf (in this case, groups that did not complete the online for by the due date)
  • Columns that will result in an upload error if left blank are:
    • P2: Group Health Plan name, group health plan number, market segment, plan sponsor name and plan sponsor EIN
    • D1: Company name, company EIN, aggregation state and market segment
  • The instructions for P2 are in section 4.2 and the instructions for D1 are in section 6.1 of the RxDC reporting instructions

Please see the RxDC reporting instructions below and contact your broker or account representative with any questions.

RxDC Reporting Instructions


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