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Updated Annual Group Information Form And Web Tool Available

An updated version of the Annual Group Information Form (AGIF) is available for Large and Small Groups. The only change in this version is that a question has been added to the AGIF and online AGIF Web Tool which requires employers who offer a dental plan through the Health Plan to provide the number of dental-eligible employees.

The addition of this question will allow us to capture all group size data on one form, to ensure that dental groups are classified in the correct market segment. This change will apply to both the paper version of the form, as well as the electronic Web Tool version which is available online to Univera Healthcare brokers and employers.

Visit the AGIF Resources link below to access:

  • The updated printed AGIF
  • Electronic AGIF web tool
  • Instructions for completing the form

Contact your account manager if you have questions about the AGIF.

AGIF Resources


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