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2022 Large Group Product Updates

We know that health and wellbeing have taken on new meaning and significance over the past year. We’ve got exciting changes planned that will help you and your employees enjoy even better health and wellbeing in 2022.

Here’s What’s New for 2022:

  • Signature Plan Updates – More flexible benefit and plan options will be available to help meet the specific needs of groups in our ever-changing market. Changes include:
    • For Signature Copay: Unique benefit enhancements, including $0 children’s copay for inpatient hospital services, as well as lower copays for treatment of diabetes and covered therapies such as physical, occupation and speech therapies.
    • For Signature Hybrid and our non-HSA-qualified HDHPs: Even more benefit cost and coverage options, plus increased plan flexibility around the traditional hybrid, including new copay options for inpatient and outpatient hospital services.
  • Calm® App* – All participating plans will include a 12-month premium subscription to Calm- a resource for members to manage stress and support better emotional wellbeing. This benefit will be embedded in all Fully Insured Large Group plans and available as a buy-up for Self-Funded groups.
  • New Vision Plans* – Group vision plans will be available from Univera Healthcare! All vision plans include low-cost eye exams, benefits for fully covered and low-cost corrective eyewear, plus other great discounts. By partnering with Davis Vision, members have access to a large network that includes 350 provider locations in the 8-county Western New York region and 100,000+ points of access nationwide. Pending final approvals
  • Active&Fit ExerciseRewards™ – ExerciseRewards™ will move to an updated platform and will be called Active&Fit ExerciseRewards™. While many aspects of the previous program will stay the same, the 2022 program will include Active&Fit Connected!™ as a rewardable activity, where 10,000 steps in one day are the equivalent of one gym visit or credit.
  • Univera Fit Dollars – For eligible members who enjoy exercising at home or are not ready to return to in-person fitness classes, Univera Fit Dollars now includes a reward for home fitness equipment and online fitness subscriptions.

More information will be available for Small Groups this fall.

Please contact your broker or Univera Healthcare Account Manager or Account Service Consultant with any questions.

*Subject to DFS Approval

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