Individual Market Webinars

We continue to be here to support you and help with the many questions you and your employees may have about free or low-cost health insurance alternatives to COBRA. That’s why we’re providing additional guidance for employer groups who are currently or anticipating an employee reduction in their workforce. Our Group Sales team has partnered with our Safety Net & Individual Market Sales teams to create a webinar designed to assist you. Some of the topics include:

  • Navigating through the products available
  • NY State pandemic guidance
  • Timing of layoffs to ensure no gap in coverage

In addition to this recorded webinar, our Safety Net & Individual Market Sales teams continue to be available for any employer meetings where you would like our participation. Please reach out to your broker or account representative with any questions. 

Univera Healthcare Making the Most of Your Health Plan Webinar- 2021

Do you often have employees coming to you asking questions about what is included within their health insurance benefits?  Many members may not be aware of the resources and tools that they have available to them through their membership with Univera Healthcare and we want to help close that gap.

That’s why we have created a pre-recorded webinar on Making the Most of Your Health Plan.  During this 30-minute webinar, Commercial members will be provided a navigation of the Univera Healthcare webpage and mobile app while highlighting the various tools and resources available to them to help them and their families, live healthier.

Univera Healthcare- Making the Most of Your Health Plan 2021

Please note that tracking is available upon request.  Please reach out to for tracking report.